So, Christo-Pagan?

Yeah, I’ll explain that bit in more depth later.

Basically I was brought up Methodist, but my spirituality has been evolving since at least the third year of my undergrad, if not before, and now has a definite pagan slant. I still go to church, sing hymns, say prayers, and listen to sermons. I also light candles, use prayer beads, cross myself, and enjoy being in decorated churches with statues and stained glass – definitely not Methodist. I also cast circles, use crystals, herbs, and coloured spell candles, celebrate the eight Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year, and use divination methods such as Tarot cards – definitely not Christian.

I’m not out to convert anyone – I don’t believe my way is the best, only, or right way and that everyone else should do the same. If you have a spiritual path that works for you, shiny. If you are an atheist, also shiny. But this is the path that I have found works for me so far, and I’m planning to follow it until it stops working, if it ever does.

So why this blog? Well, I’ve been reading a few pagan blogs for the last couple of months and I like the way the authors have used them to record their life, attitudes, and practices when it comes to religion, as well as various events in their lives, and they have inspired me to do the same. Not that I believe the world needs to hear what I have to say, but hopefully some of you reading this will find it interesting, maybe helpful, or even just entertaining.

So why now? There are many New Years, and they all start in different places in the calendar – there’s the civil new year, the financial new year, the Christian liturgical year, various historical new years, a multitude of cultural new years, and new years celebrated by different religions. While for a lot of pagans, especially Wiccans, the New Year starts at Samhain, my ritual new year starts at Yule. The Solstice has passed, the sun is new and reborn, the days are getting longer (apparently), and tonight is a new moon – a time for new beginnings. What better point to start a new spiritual venture?


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