Well my plan for this ritual year has already fallen by the wayside. Since last Yule, I managed to celebrate about two of the Sabbats on the correct date, with the rest a day or three after. While I was always able to find time on the day itself to remember the festival and think about the meaning and how it fits into the Wheel of the Year, I very rarely had the chance to perform a ritual. At Litha it was because I had been driving for three hours after work and was absolutely shattered and fell asleep, but the rest of the delayed celebrations were due to a lack of time where I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed.

Because I was fed up with seeing the word ‘belated’ next to my Sabbat notes for the year, in the lead-up to this Yule I decided I was going to celebrate the Sabbats  on the day, dammit. Alas, the Solstice this year fell on the 21st, it’s now the 23rd, and while I have appropriately coloured candles on my altar, that’s all I’ve done so far. It doesn’t help that in the lead-up to Christmas and Yule this year I’ve been incredibly disorganised – I only started my Christmas shopping a week ago, and never got round to sorting out an Advent candle for my altar or an Advent calendar for me (huzzah, an excuse to eat chocolate every day for a month!).

A couple of months ago I had thought that I would have moved into a place of my own by now, and would therefore have the freedom to practice openly, but the place I was buying fell through and I haven’t found anywhere else yet that I can see as my future home, so it looks like I’ll be repeating the delayed pattern again for a while.
Sunday the 21st was a fairly busy day to begin with, as I was round a friend’s house in the morning, and meant to be meeting up with a prospective coven in town in the late afternoon, but I had completely forgotten that it was our church’s Candlelit Carol service that evening and that I’d agreed to do a reading. So what with that and being sociable and eating food, I had no time to celebrate Yule before I had to go to bed.
Yesterday was my birthday, so I had no time to myself (not that I minded – there were presents and cake after all), and if I don’t get the chance tonight, Yule will have to wait until after Christmas. It’s annoying, but then I’ve not been able to celebrate Easter properly for the past three years, so perhaps I should just aim to celebrate the majority of festivals and Sabbats on the correct date rather than all of them.


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