The true, original, real meaning of ‘Christmas’

Or as close as makes no difference anyway.

Let’s say we find out an asteroid is going to hit the earth at some point over the next three months … How would humanity as a whole react? Well, I know how: we would prepare as best we could, and then we would surround ourselves with the people we love most and party our asses off. We would do it, because we would realize it might be our last chance. I know this, because we have Christmas.

I’m an inveterate Cracked reader, and I came across this article last night when I was supposed to be going to sleep, because Cracked is my procrastination drug of choice. I read it, and as a historian, archaeologist, re-enactor, and human being my brain just went ‘YES’. So I thought I’d share it with you.

The True Meaning of Christmas (That Everyone Forgets) – David Wong

Ignore the secular consumerism, ignore the birth of Jesus, ignore the co-opted pagan festivals that Christ’s-Mass replaced, I agree that this is why large portions of humanity get together to celebrate the fact that everything has died, it’s bloody cold, and we’ve still got about two months of crappy weather ahead of us which some people won’t survive.

On that longest night before the frozen mini-apocalypse, in all times and places you would find light and song and dancing and food … so, if you’re gathering with your family and friends this time of year, I personally don’t care what you call the holiday as long as you celebrate it with this in mind:

You don’t get many of these. Make them count.


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