New amethyst runes!

Just a quick post to (somewhat belatedly) show off one of my birthday presents from last year.

As far as divination methods go I tend to use tarot cards, although I do own a pendulum (which I have yet to use) as well as a set of Norse runes that I made myself from painted pebbles (which lack a protective layer of varnish). My tarot deck collection, however, numbers five. I’m not against using runes, and I do own a good book on how to read them, I just never got around to finishing the stone set I was working on.

This set though… as soon as I manage to find my book I’m going to be using this set. I hadn’t asked for runes for my birthday, but a friend of mine who knows I’m into things like the tarot bought them for me. About a month beforehand we’d ended up having a conversation about gemstones, I think because he’d phoned for a chat while I was browsing semiprecious earrings on the internet. I mentioned I’d seen some really nice garnet ones, which eventually led to the topic of birthstones and the fact that I don’t really like jewellery made out of mine, which is turquoise. He then asked what stones I did like, and I immediately said amethyst as I love the colour purple, and owned a couple of pieces years before I found out about the metaphysical properties of the stone.

I then promptly forgot about the conversation until my birthday. We met up a couple of days before my birthday for sushi and to exchange presents, and I got told that one I was allowed to open in front of my parents and the other one I wasn’t. The first one was a beautiful silver Tree of Life necklace with amethyst chips for leaves, and the other, which I opened in the evening, was a gorgeous set of engraved, gold-painted amethyst runes.

So pretty!

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