Encounter with the spirit of Loki

Despite having witnessed for years what happened after my friend named her cat Loki, I was reminded yesterday that Loki is, very definitely, a Trickster god.

I’ve been covering for our receptionist at lunchtime and in the evenings these past couple of weeks, which means I spend a lot of time operating the switchboard. As I can’t do any of my other work at this desk I usually end up reading a book or browsing the internet in between phonecalls. So yesterday afternoon I was reading about Loki when the phone rang…

Thankfully for my professional reputation the person on the other end was someone I had just spoken to who had been bounced back to Reception after I had transferred the call, as instead of answering with ‘good afternoon, [two-syllable name of company]’ I said ‘good afternoon, Loki … I mean [company]’.

It was the last phonecall I took before I went home, and as I was very tired and not feeling great it could just have been a Freudian slip on my part, or I could have been on the receiving end of a mild cosmic joke. Whether it was either, or both, it was an interesting reminder that humans aren’t the only ones with a sense of humour.


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