Scrying fibrecrafts

As well as various divination tools, I also own a few scrying implements – two crystal balls and a scrying bowl. One of the balls is clear glass, which I bought with birthday money a year ago because it has the grey resin Maiden, Mother, Crone stand by Nemesis Now which I have drooled over for years, and the scrying bowl is of the same design and was given to me by a friend. The second crystal ball I own, and my latest acquisition, is a small quartz sphere that’s about an inch and a half diameter. I bought it after I’d seen a couple of very good quality smaller ones that a friend of mine got for about 99p each on eBay through very lucky bidding. So I started to trawl through the listings, most of which were either too expensive, too small, not quartz, or had the same photo as a load of others. I finally found this one, which was about £4 including shipping, which was about as much as I was willing to spend without actually seeing it. Plus the listing stated that the ball I would receive was the one shown, and although the pictures were a bit blurry I could tell it was actually quartz and not glass, and looked like it had some well-placed inclusions.

Not the best of photos I’m afraid, I couldn’t get the angle and the light to work.

 I’m really pleased with it, and when held at certain angles the inclusions reflect the light in interesting ways. Unfortunately, I had nothing to put it in to protect it, as although I planned to keep it in the bowl with the rest of my crystals I didn’t want to risk marring the surface or have the sun reflecting through it and setting fire to my bedroom. So I made a crocheted pouch – it’s black for metaphysical protection, thick enough for physical protection, and unobtrusive enough not to draw attention to itself.

All wrapped up safe for travelling.
All wrapped up safe for travelling and storing.

Unfortunately, due to my current living situation I haven’t had a chance to do any scrying at all – my large crystal ball is still in its box as I can’t display it, and while my scrying bowl is on my altar it’s hidden away at the back, and were I to try to use it I’d have a hard time if I was disturbed – it’s a lot easier to hide or cover tarot cards in a hurry than a bowl full of water! I’m hoping that until I manage to move I can use my quartz ball to start my practice, although I want to concentrate more on meditation beforehand.


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