The power of Air

Today at work I was reminded again about how powerful the elements can be, and it was a much nicer reminder than the previous example. The last site I was on we had a day with over 40mph winds and then there was a hailstorm so I got gale-force hailstones to the face. Powerful, but also unpleasant.

Today, however, I saw a dust-devil! It whirled right past the end of the trench, maybe three metres high and two wide. It wasn’t very substantial, but you could see the twist, leaves being carried, and the dust rising and falling. The UK has more tornadoes than the US as far as amount per area goes, although the vast majority of ours are nowhere near as obvious or, thankfully, as violent. But the dust-devil I saw was created by the same forces that make tornadoes that destroy, that blow harder than the winds that knocked me over the week before. A beautiful reminder of how much power Air can hold.


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