Tiny shiny bees

My bees arrived today!

I own All The Bees
All Of The Bees.

I now have 150 gold bees, courtesy of Bohemian Findings. Ever since I read this post by Melissa about a bee prosperity charm I’ve been thinking about making one for myself, but despite browsing several craft shops and online stores I couldn’t find anyone selling bee charms that I could buy just three of, as all the ones I liked were either sold in batches or were too expensive.
So I thought ‘well why don’t I get a bunch of them and make some for my friends?’. And that’s where things stayed until the survey on my flat came back positive and I felt I could actually start dreaming about things like decor and housewarming parties. Then I thought ‘I know, I can make prosperity bags for everyone that comes to my housewarming party’. Or rather one per household. Which is why I eventually ordered one hundred and fifty bees – enough to fill fifty charm bags, which should hopefully cover the housewarming favours and maybe have a few left over for later visitors or people who couldn’t make it. And one for me.


Housewarming crystals

I recieved my first housewarming present yesterday from one of my colleagues! Although (as far as I know) she’s not Pagan or a witch, she does read tarot cards and we’ve had a fair few metaphysical conversations while washing sample buckets. She’s also heard all the ups and downs of my house-hunting and the glorious saga surrounding the purchase of my flat, so after telling her on Friday that the exchange and completion had happened, K came up to me on Monday morning and handed me a paper bag saying ‘I’ve got you a housewarming present’. Inside was a purple sachet with two hefty lumps of gemstone – one amethyst ‘for protection’ and one rose quartz ‘for calm’.

Here it is, between the votive candles I used in my house-cleansing ritual and next to the vase my parents gave me.

I haven’t decided yet where to put it, as the flat needs some work before I move in, but I think I’ll either hang it by the front door with my broom and my horseshoe, or keep it in the living room where most of the socialising and entertaining will happen.