Tiny shiny bees

My bees arrived today!

I own All The Bees
All Of The Bees.

I now have 150 gold bees, courtesy of Bohemian Findings. Ever since I read this post by Melissa about a bee prosperity charm I’ve been thinking about making one for myself, but despite browsing several craft shops and online stores I couldn’t find anyone selling bee charms that I could buy just three of, as all the ones I liked were either sold in batches or were too expensive.
So I thought ‘well why don’t I get a bunch of them and make some for my friends?’. And that’s where things stayed until the survey on my flat came back positive and I felt I could actually start dreaming about things like decor and housewarming parties. Then I thought ‘I know, I can make prosperity bags for everyone that comes to my housewarming party’. Or rather one per household. Which is why I eventually ordered one hundred and fifty bees – enough to fill fifty charm bags, which should hopefully cover the housewarming favours and maybe have a few left over for later visitors or people who couldn’t make it. And one for me.


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