Sneaky Sabbat

Litha always creeps up on me. Even before I became a practising Christo-Pagan I was always surprised when the longest day happened, as it just never seems far enough away from Yule yet for the nights to start getting longer.

Back when I was studying, both at school and university, my summer holidays had only just started, and we had at least another two months when we could expect/hope to have ‘proper summer weather’ – a lot less rain, visible sky, actual sunshine that caused shadows, and temperatures warm enough to wear a tshirt, shorts, and sandals. It also doesn’t help that my family’s annual summer holiday has for the last twelve years been Sidmouth Folk Festival, held the first full week in August, so summer seems an awful lot further away than something that has its middle in late June.

Still, I didn’t forget to celebrate Midsummer, although my celebrations were done during twilight rather than at dawn as I’d stayed at a friend’s on the Saturday night and as a result of staying up late ended up sleeping through a significantly large chunk of the longest day of the year. Everything was very simple – I lit the two coloured candles I’d chosen to represent the Sabbat, lit a yellow spell candle to represent the sun at its fullest, and charged a piece of citrine with Solstice energy. It’s the same chunk I used last year, so hopefully I’ll end up with a fair bit of solar-derived energy to draw on when needed. I was originally going to use a gold spell candle as it’s that little bit more sun-masculine-special coloured than just plain yellow, but I seemed to have used up all of my gold candles and forgotten to order any more.

My Litha altar so far.
My Litha altar as it stands at the moment.

I didn’t leave the candles burning long as you can see, but I’m planning to do a fuller ritual with a circle and incense and everything as soon as I can get the privacy, which is why my Litha candles are still up instead of being replaced by my everyday white ones. The rest of my celebrations involved a guided-meditation CD that Pagan Dreams used to include in their Litha celebration kit, and turning my mini Spiral Lords round.

My Spiral Lords by Abby Willowroot in their darkening year position. Around the edge of the photo you can see my ‘Christus’ statue, the red glass votive holder I use to honour the masculine aspects of Deity, a white pebble I painted years ago with the Horned God symbol, and the pottery bowl I use to burn charcoal discs and loose incense at the Sabbats, which sits on a ceramic Apollo coaster on top of what’s supposed to be my regular incense holder.

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