Charms for my new home

I’m in the middle of writing what’s turning out to be a fairly long post on why I became Christo-Pagan, but in order to keep to my goal of posting roughly once a fortnight I needed something I could post this evening, as I’m away on holiday from Saturday and packing tomorrow. So here’s one on the gorgeous charms I recently bought from WytchenWood on Etsy.

Blackthorn on the left, rowan on the right.

I was first attracted to the shop by WytchenWood’s gorgeous Ogham sets, made from the corresponding woods with the bark still on. I still want one of those, but, like my mala, I have yet to be able to find a way of justifying buying/being given a set, as I don’t use my tarot cards and runes enough to add another divination system to the mix just yet. What I did have however, was a cheque for £25 from my godmother which she had specifically told me I was to use to buy myself something for my flat that I wanted and that wasn’t purely practical – no curtains or teatowels for me!

The first charm I spotted was the rowan one, which I was drawn to after seeing the red thread it was tied with and reading the wood it was made from. Even before I began researching and studying Paganism I knew that rowan wood and red thread kept witches (specifically ones intent on doing harm) away, and, being the mildly superstitious folk-music listening historian that I am, I decided I was going to buy it. I then started looking for something else to buy to make the most of my £25, and found the blackthorn charm – as WytchenWood says, ‘the protection afforded by the Blackthorn is impenetrable and allows nothing to gain entry’, which sounds damn useful to me. The rowan one is probably going to hang in my living room with blackthorn in my bedroom, and depending what Kizzy or one of my other personal Magical Geiger Counters say when they’ve had a chance to have a proper look, I’ll either leave them as is or poke some personal energy in there as well.

I was very impressed by WytchenWood, not only because of the descriptions given for the charms, but also by the way they were packaged, the speed of shipping, the prices, and also how beautifully made the charms are. No loose threads, no rough wood, and they feel lovely in the hand, even if you’re energy-blind like me.

The elaborately labelled boxes my charms came in, and the gorgeous business card.

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