Winter is here

And so the Wheel turns again (and I finally get internet in my flat. Yay!). Advent is nearly upon us so the Christian part of me will be preparing for the upcoming celebration of Christ’s birth, mostly by putting up the tree and decorations, and the Pagan part of me should really start seriously planning for the Winter Solstice, seeing as how I’ve got friends coming round for ritual and food.

While the calendar does of course tell me that the days are passing, usually resulting in me going ‘how is it the arse end of November already?!’, this morning there was frost on the grass outside my flat – a nice crunchy reminder that the Wheel of the Year is slowly but constantly turning. Less nice is the fact that it’s been brass monkeys outside for the past few days, making the office only a couple of degrees warmer and meaning that we really need the mechanics to finish fixing our heat lamps and put them back on the walls…

But the winter festivals are coming along with the winter weather, so it’s time to wear more layers at work and daydream of evenings wrapped in blankets and lit by candles.


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