Look what came in the post!

I got my shinies from Beth today! They actually arrived on Wednesday, but as there was a Customs charge that needed paying the earliest I could get to the sorting office was this morning. I would have posted this earlier, but I had to paint the spare room while there was daylight.

I had a lot of fun opening the parcel, especially when the first thing that hit me was the scent. I can’t describe it very well, it was a mix of flowers but not floral, spicy but no spices that were identifiable, and something almost smokey that wasn’t woodsmoke. Now some of this I knew was from my Freyja cord, as it had been rinsed in amber, cacao, and rosa damascena, but also from a surprise gift from Beth in the form of two sticks of her Queen of Hearts incense – thankies Beth! Even my Yggdrasil beads smelled wonderful, although that’s wearing off now.

I’ve actually got my Yggdrasil beads looped over my wrist as I type this, they’re not heavy but there’s enough weight to make their presence felt and I like how it feels as if they’re trying to bring my hand closer to the earth. The difference between the wood and the glass beads is really noticable as I move my fingers over them; to start with there’s a temperature difference helped along by the slightly cold temperature in my flat, but even when the beads warm up from contact with my skin there’s a very subtle texture difference as well. But the obvious difference is the size of the beads, and even though the 10mm glass ones are larger than on any of my other prayer beads they don’t feel too big, and I find I don’t notice the faceted spacer beads at all touch-wise, but they throw off a lovely sparkle as the chaplet moves, and shine even when it’s sitting on the arm of the sofa (I may have been playing with them constantly while a friend and I watched The Martian this evening). They’re exceptionally well-made, and the only issue I’ve had was one of the wire ends poking out slightly from between two of the beads on the drop leading to the pendant, which probably popped out during transit and was easily fixed with one of my yarn needles.

Aside from when I was painting or eating, this has lived on my wrist all day. Please try and ignore the hideous mess that is currently my living room.

My Freyja cord is currently hanging off my bedpost, and I love it. The colours are deeper and richer than the photo Beth took was able to show, and I hadn’t realised how much sparkle was in the cord – there’s gold spun into it, and pink, and a pale bluey-purple, and flashes of green. Wherever you look it shimmers, and the cord itself is soft and chunky and squooshy and snugglesome and smells divine. A lot of the reviews I’ve read of Beth’s work talk about the energy that her pieces radiate, and I really wish I could say something similar about my cord (and the beads, which she consecrated to Yggdrasil and Earth for me) but due to me being ridiculously energy-blind I can’t feel any of Freyja’s energies that the cord is infused with, which makes me feel bad for all the work Beth put into it. However, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so after putting the next coat of paint up in the spare room I’m planning on spending time meditating in front of my altar with the cord wrapped around me and a Queen of Hearts incense stick burning, which I’m hoping will help. And even though the gold charms and the amber bead don’t weigh much individually the ends of the cords have a definite heft to them, and that plus the knots that the charms are sewn into make the whole thing feel like an object in its own right, as opposed to a gorgeous piece of handspun art yarn.

Between the gold and the colours and the shimmer I swear it just glows.

From endless browsing of her shop on Etsy I know Beth’s work is amazing, but now I have concrete proof sitting in my hands that she is an excellent jeweller and spinner, and I’ve already got two more of her pieces set up on layaway. And if her Freyja incense smells anything like my cord does then I’ll definitely be ordering some of that as well.


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