Reblog – Happily Heathen: Offerings For The Gods – Part One – The Vanir

I am one of those people that Cara Freyasdaughter refers to in her article as those who are ‘uncertain what to offer to the Gods’. With Christos and Sophia it’s easy, as while a Christian can offer time and energy by volunteering to help with the running of their local church or for a charity, for those of us who lack enough free time or energy to do so our physical offerings, as opposed to things like prayer or intent (I have a friend who offers the effort she puts into her day job to God), generally take the form of money donated to the work of the church (for things like mission, building upkeep, soup kitchens etc.). But when I realised Freyja wanted my attention I didn’t have a clue how to deal with offerings. My first thought was incense, which seems to have worked well so far, but my devotions don’t always happen at the same time of day and I don’t wish, for example, to fumigate the house just before my lodger wants to go to sleep. The lovely Ember gave me some good pointers, but I wanted to do something more than just burn appropreately-scented incense and light candles, as I do the same for Christos and Sophia and also make other offerings.

Now I could have just improvised with libations and suchlike and probably been fine, but I was flailing enough as it was without having to worry that I was offering the wrong thing as well. So finding Cara’s article on offerings to the Vanir posted on the Agora in Patheos Pagan was a godsend (pun possibly intended?). So far I’ve offered Freyja pieces of chocolate and cake, and shots of mead and the first batch of apple rumtopf, and while I probably won’t find out how She feels until I do another divination I’m feeling happy about how things are progressing with my devotional relationship.

As a practicing Heathen, a key cornerstone of my spiritual practice is the offering of gifts. The Havamal has a lot to say about gift giving and fostering reciprocal relationships. Though in the Havamal Odin focuses more on building relationships between humans, I think the same advice can be applied equally well to our relationships with the Gods.

Source: Happily Heathen: Offerings For The Gods – Part One – The Vanir