Flowers for Freyja


Spring has definitely arrived and is heading towards summer; this weekend and the week just gone we’ve had hot sunny weather, blue skies, all the trees are covered in green and shedding blossom, and flowers are blooming in the flower beds and the grass.

Just outside the gates to my building are grass banks covered in daisies, and as I was walking past on my way to the supermarket I thought about making a daisy-chain when I got back and putting it on my altar as an offering for Freyja that was different from my usual incense and occasional chocolate and alcohol, as well as seasonally appropriate. However, when I got to Sainsbury’s I saw that among the flowers they have for sale just inside the door there were a few bunches of tulips. Tulips are probably my favourite flower, or at least my favourite that’s available commercially, and I decided to buy some. I wouldn’t normally have chosen pink ones, but it was only as I was reaching for them that I realised they would make a lovely present for Freyja, as mid-to-dark pink is one of the colours I associate with Her.

As you can probably tell they’re sitting on my dining table as opposed to my altar, for several reasons. One is simply there’s not enough space on my altar for a vase that size, another that I spend most of my evenings in the living room and would therefore enjoy the flowers more if they were on display there, and I wanted my flatmate to be able to enjoy looking at the flowers, even if he doesn’t know the underlying reason why I bought them. I think there was also a feeling of wanting to bring Freyja’s influence into the rest of the house instead of just my room, and of wanting to remind myself that one of the things I want to/should work on is bringing Deity into my everyday life more – not just Freyja, but Christos and Sophia as well. I’ll have to look out for some colour-appropriate tulips for Them as well.


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