Books, flowers, Beth, and connecting to Earth

Right now I should be at my HEMA class, but seeing as I realised I forgot to pick the car up from the parents’ place just as I was walking out the door with all my gear, my Historical European Martial Arts will have to wait until next week, which is no end of annoying. (Interestingly enough, while I’ve been doing HEMA since I was 18 my prowess in swordfighting has nothing to do with my devotional relationship to Freyja, despite Her battle-woman status.)
So, instead of hitting people with swords and getting multiple bruises in return (I’m hideously out of practice) I thought I’d write up a few things that have happened over the past week, which while not deserving of a journal entry of their own can be lumped in together in a ‘this is what I’ve been up to recently’-type post.

Last Monday I went to Treadwell’s Open Circle again, which was wonderful and will be the topic of a future post, and as I arrived about an hour early I had a good browse of all the bookshelves. I hadn’t meant to get there that soon, but I didn’t realise how quickly I’d get there walking from Tower Hill and stopping off to have dinner on the way and it’s not like I’d ever be bored while waiting. There were several books I was tempted to get, but I’m trying to save money at the moment so I can get rid of my overdraft so I decided to leave it, think on it, and if the books were still there next time I was passing then I’d buy a couple. So, on the Thursday I was back in Treadwell’s again, having made a trip there after work with the specific purpose of buying books. Oh dear… But I’m very pleased with my purchases – one copy of Boccaccio’s Decameron in translation for just under £6, and a book I’d spent a long time flicking throgh when I was there on the Monday, the 1995 edition of Love is in the Earth by Melody.
It’s a book that I heard about through the wonderful Melissa Zupan of Three Hundred and Sixty Six who calls it her ‘favorite metaphysical mineral reference book’, but none of the metaphysical shops I’d visited at theat point had a copy, and all the copies I found online were around or over the £15-mark, which was too much for me to buy on-spec when I couldn’t see the inside first. So imagine my joy when I found it for just under six quid as well. I spent a lot of time reading the entries for stones I was familiar with, as a sort of test for the rest – if an entry matched with some of what I already knew about the stone then it was a fair bet I’d actually get a lot of use out of the book, as opposed to merely using it as a supplementary work.

Although I have to admit that one of the reasons I had to pause before buying All Of The Books was because I’d recently purchased this beauty from the ever-talented Beth of The Wytch of the North:

Beth’s photo of what is now my Freyja witches’ ladder.

It hasn’t arrived yet, but when I was her first post on the Morrigan and Odin ladders Beth made, my first thought was ‘I can’t wait to see what she does for Freyja!’, and I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t planning to buy it, as I already have a set of prayer beads for Her, but the stones Beth chose just fitted so well with why Freyja’s come into my life that I couldn’t really not. Plus it means I’ll have a set of beads for Her that are definitely mine, as the spirit talisman I have for Freyja (also one of Beth’s creations) feels like it actually belongs to Her but She’s letting me borrow them. Odd, but true.

I also spent some time connecting with the Earth on that Thursday as well. I wasn’t planning to, but the grass banks I pass on the path outside my flats were covered in daisys, and when I got in the gate to my building the bit of lawn just inside was covered in daisys as well. So I dumped my rucksack and bag of books on the ground and lay flat on my back, still in my dusty work gear with steel boots on, and just allowed myself to relax. And oh it was wonderful! It was about 8pm, the evening was warm, the slight breeze was cool, the earth was soft, the grass slightly prickly, blue skies, birds making bird noises, and a tree spreading its branches overhead. I have no idea how long I was there for, but I felt so much better after I sat up. I need to remember to do that more often now the weather’s good.

I know it’s impossible to tell from the photo, but this was the view I had when I was flat on my back looking straight up.

And, as an added bonus when I got in the door that day, the tulips I’d bought the previous weekend had well and truly perked up and opened up as well. Lots of smiles that evening.

So pretty!

5 thoughts on “Books, flowers, Beth, and connecting to Earth

  1. Bookshelves and too much time, a dangerous combination 😉 Does “Love is in the Earth” seem useful to you? H has a copy and I think about looking at it every now and then, but the cheesy cover puts me off (I’m not sure which edition he has, though). I’d love to know what you think!

    Those Freyja beads are so lovely! I understand what you mean about the Spirit talismans. I bought my husband one for Yule for his Patron, with Whom I have no relationship at all (Hephaestus). When I took the talisman out of the little bag to look at it before wrapping it up, I got a very strong sense of an unfamiliar Presence and an impression of “who the hell are YOU?” LOL! I put it back in the bag in a hurry! H leaves them on the family altar and if I have to move them for any reason, I try not to touch them directly because it’s uncomfortable, like touching something personal that belongs to a stranger. You can tell the talismans are “here but not,” if you know what I mean.

    Gorgeous flowers!


    1. I haven’t used ‘Love in in the Earth’ yet, but when flicking through before buying it had the feel of a book that will be useful, especially as I don’t recognise 3/4 of the stones listed in the contents page. It doesn’t have everything, as man-made stones like blue goldstone are absent, but there are entries for things like epistilbite which I’ve never heard of, but according to Google images often looks like snowballs. The cover is incredibly psychedelically cheesy though, so I’m not surprised you’ve avoided it. And when my bank account no longer has a minus symbol in front of it I’m probably going to get a new copy of ‘The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach’, as the latest edition has indeces of properties at the end, split into phyical and spiritual, as it’s the book Beth uses.

      My energy-sensing skills are bad enough to be nearly non-esistent, and the same goes for Deity-sensing, which is why Freyja had to pretty much hit me over the head with a baseball bat to get my attention. But I’m either getting better or ascribing more feelings to said skills, as ever since I got the spirit talisman when I’ve been pulling my prayer beads from the bag they live in it’s been ‘that’s my mala, that’s my Anglican rosary, there’s my Nine Worlds map beads, those are Freya’s beads, that’s my mediaeval rosary…’, it’s weird. When I next visit my friend Kizzy I’m planning on taking all my beads down to see what vibe she gets off them, as she’s been my personal Magical Geiger Counter (TM) for the last few years.

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