Witchy weekend

This weekend just gone I went down to Exeter to visit my witch friend Kizzy, who I hadn’t seen since November last year. As she works Saturdays I took the Monday off from work so not only did I get a long weekend but I got to spend it with one of my closest friends as well. We had a wonderful time doing mundane things – catching up, wandering around town, working on her allotment, and generally having fun (enhanced by a picnic of cakes from Patisserie Valerie and nearly a whole bottle of port), but we also had a lot of fun doing witchy things as well.

One of the reasons I love Kizzy is that she’s willing to be my personal Magical Geiger Counter (TM), and has used her energy-reading skills on my tarot decks, house protection sachets, and Deity figurines. This time round, however, I put her through a marathon – my entire prayer bead collection, plus my necklaces from Beth, my Freyja and Yule cords, and a couple of crystals. I had pre-warned her that I would be bringing a lot of stuff down for her to read, and she did an amazing job. Everything was done as a blind taste test, as Kizzy had her eyes shut throughout which not only helps her concentration but also meant she had absolutely no preconceptions about what she was handling. I’m impressed at how much Kizzy trusts me giving her random metaphysical objects, but she’s always been amazed that I’m perfectly happy to let her touch such personal items. She’s just about gotten used to it now, but I still remember how shocked she was at first when I just casually handed her one of my tarot decks. Thing is, to me my religious tools are tools – personal yes, but not sacrosanct. That doesn’t mean I’ll let just anyone pick them up or use them, in the same way I won’t let just anyone handle or use my swords at HEMA or my trowel at work, but if it’s someone I can trust to know what they’re holding and give it the care and respect it deserves (and in the case of my spiritual gear someone who I’m also close to), I have no issue with other people handling or using those objects.

The results of that marathon will be the contents of another post, but while I got a lot more information about a lot of the things I own and tools I use that I had no idea about, Kizzy discovered two things in particular – one is that I’m apparently very good at binding things to me, even though I have no idea that I’m doing so. So many times she had to pause and tell the item ‘I know you’re Vixxia’s, she handed you to me, she wants me to help her find out more’ before whatever it was would open up. Kizzy’s theory is that because I’m next to useless in sensing energy (I’ve managed it twice to date) I can’t tell when enough is enough and keep imprinting my own energy into things. The other thing she learned was that she’s actually a lot better at being a Magical Geiger Counter than she gives herself credit for, and she needs to stop second-guessing her first impressions. The best example that had us laughing all weekend? I’d handed her my Freyja cord, which is most definitely pink,


and after saying summer and sunshine she wanted to say pink, as she was getting ‘pink fuzzies’, and immediately followed this with ‘but that can’t be right’. I had a huge grin on my face by this point, which only grew wider after Kizzy had finished, opened her eyes, looked down, and said ‘Oh my god it’s so PINK!’.

As well as me giving her two of Beth’s amazing necklaces (one for her birthday this year and one that counts as next year’s present) I also took the opportunity to pass on the Solas Bhride flame that Melissa gave to me. It was probably the briefest ritual I’ve ever done or been part of, which considering the brevity some of my Sabbat celebrations is saying something. Kizzy cast a circle, lit her altar candles, and from one of those I lit the tealight Melissa had sent me. I then lit another tealight to act as my Solas backup, followed by a frankincense and myrrh candle that I had bought for my Yule ritual that Kizzy wasn’t able to make. It’s now not only a candle for her to light when she feels lonely, depressed, or surrounded by the dark, as a light of hope in dark times, but is also part of the great flame of Solas Bhride, which is fairly appropriate I think. We then ate grapes and drank port (leftovers from the night before), Kizzy closed the circle, we extinguished the candles, and put the remaining bread, grapes, and port in the garden to compost down. Short, sweet, but effective.

Kizzy’s altar just after she closed the circle. I love the height of it, and I’m very jealous of her altar chest. The incense that’s burning is Beth’s ‘Horned God’ blend, and it smells wonderful, like running through the forest.

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