Reblog: A CALL: Channel Anger, Banish Fear and Hate

This. This needs doing. Whether your candles are tealights, chime candles, pillar, taper, or jar candles. Whether you light them as a spell, a symbol, or a prayer. Whether your water is from the tap or directly from your local reservoir, tributary, or major river.

I’ve bought seven-day jar candles as my tap water comes from the Thames.
Kizzy’s planning to get her local Spiritual church involved and use bonfires and water from the English Channel.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using tealights and water from the tiny stream at the end of the garden – please, just get those candles lit.

EmberVoices: Listening for the Vanir

I have received an urgent message this afternoon, confirmed through another reader. It was from The Morrigan and Brighid for all who are able and willing, anywhere in the world. While the whole message has not yet been made clear, this much has (paraphrased, from memory):

“There are dangerous amounts of anger and hate running through the people across the lands. Channel them down and let them burn away. You do not have to channel the whole world, or all of it, just for your area, for what you are able. Spread the word as you can. Any hands that are available for this are needed now.”

There is no set time or day to do this. Whenever you are ready and able is fine. If you have some other method, that is fine too. This is my proposed method:

  • Get one red jar candle, one white jar candle

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