Long gap, little content

So I’ve been neglecting my blogging somewhat, both in the writing posts sense and the commenting sense. I’ve got a long mental list of things I’d like to write about, as well as a load of open tabs in my browser of other people’s posts that I want to comment on, but as I am queen of procrastination when I do get some spare time to sit and think between busy weekends and post-work exhaustion I’ve usually spent it watching Mythbusters on Netflix or re-reading the Rivers of London series.

My personal practice hasn’t completely fallen by the wayside though, as I celebrated Litha on the day itself, and for the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to use one of my sets of prayer beads every day. And while I have been reading the posts that pop up in my Reader I’ve just not managed to work up the mental energy to comment because I am clearly a terrible person. Unfortunately this trend will continue for at least another week, as I’m off to Sidmouth folk festival tomorrow morning and will have practically non-existent internet connection until I get home. However, despite what the astronomical calendar says, Sidmouth is on a par with my birthday/Christmas – in my personal life those are the times when the year turns from dark to light and back again, the major milestones which beforehand get the ‘I’ll deal with it after X’ treatment, and afterwards are a time of ‘now that’s out of the way I can concentrate on Y’. Don’t get me wrong, I utterly love Sidmouth, but when you’re rushing between stewarding, concerts, ceilidhs, and meals out it does leave me wanting another week to recover.

So I’ll leave you with a couple of photos, one of a t-shirt I bought to honour Freyja at the New Forest folk festival that I went to with friends earlier this month, and one of my altar’s new, and permanent, position in my bedroom. It was originally in between two of the windows, but then I had to move it to put my new curtains up so it wound up where the wardrobe’s supposed to be. Then I realised I couldn’t put it back between the windows as my new voluminous curtains would go up in flames, so it’s now sitting at the foot of my bed, facing east. Purely accidentally, as my altar has faced north, south, west, and north-west over the years, but I am oddly pleased that it’s now facing the direction that Christianity and a fair chunk of Paganism believe an altar should face if at all possible.

The boar is one of Freyja’s symbols, and while it was also available on a green t-shirt which is arguably a more Vanic colour, I chose the blue as the dark brown boar stood out better. Plus I look better in blue.
The photo’s a bit fuzzy, and the altar itself needs a damn good clean and tidy, but I’m finally happy about where it is. I am going to need to get some cloth to use as a backdrop to make the cross stand out more, and I’ll probably get several, so I can change the colours to match the church liturgical year.

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