Quick personal update

What with Sidmouth folk festival, then getting home to find an email saying I’m at risk of redundancy due to a downturn in work, going through the redundancy scoring system, and then being made redundant I haven’t had a massive amount of free brainspace to write much beyond job applications.

However, I found out today that I’ve been shortlisted for a secondment post I applied for in the company I’m currently working with (until Friday), and the interview’s tomorrow morning. I really hope I get it, as it will enable me to develop and diversify my archaeology skills and also means I keep my continuity of service. However, it’s also the first interview I’ve had to do since 1997, so I’m slightly panicy. Positive thoughts, vibes, wishes, spells and prayers will be much appreciated, both for me not making an arse of myself in the interview and making a good enough impression to get the job.