Not dead, not on fire

Just very tired. The site I’m on has forced overtime so I’m on ten-hour days, and because I’m on away work getting driven to and from site I don’t get the extra snooze time I usually have on the Tube twice a day. Yes, I’d rather be living at home and working in London, but I like the people I’m sharing accommodation with, I get on with the people in my work team, my supervisor is great fun, and for a rural site the archaeology isn’t actually that bad. Plus the overtime money I get each week pays for my train ticket home each weekend, so all in all it could be a lot worse, but I am just so lacking in energy in the evenings that things are starting to become overwhelming.

Things like replying to emails, writing posts for here, reading my emails, tidying the flat when I’m home, meeting up with friends, and reading everyone else’s blog posts in my Reader. Now yes, I could solve some of the tiredness by going to bed a bit earlier, which I’m working on, but my lethargy/procrastination hasn’t been helped over the past few months by moving jobs, having an eight-hour round trip every weekend, going from nine to nine-and-a-half to ten-hour days, and suffering from site plague, the Norovirus, and an infection behind one of my wisdom teeth. But I’m getting there, slowly. Habitica is helping a lot, on which more later, and the rest is just me booting myself up the arse repeatedly until I start moving.

This is pretty much a holding and information post as my list of actual posts I want to write/am in the process of writing numbers over 70, so yes, I’m not dead, I’m not on fire, and I will be writing actual content again (hopefully sometime soon). I’m also about 1/5 of the way through catching up on reading all the blog posts I’ve missed since about November, and maybe 1/10 the way through commenting or listening/watching – so if you’re an author of one of the blogs I follow and I start reacting to stuff that’s months old or out-of-date, it’s because I’m only just now finding out about it. 🙂

And I’m also doing lots of little things to get my life where I want it to be – stuff like drinking more water, sticking to my diet, not hitting the snooze button, finding something to be grateful about every day, connecting to nature somehow each day, doing more meditational breathing… Tiny baby steps. I’ll get there.


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