I’m alive, thankfully

At least this time I’ve got a reason for not posting for ages that isn’t me being lazy or tired. Back at the beginning of April I got a cold, and after a few days my breathing got bad enough I went to A&E where I was admitted with a severe chest infection that turned out to be double pneumonia.

That was Friday 7th, and by the next day I was in ICU as my body had (through sheer inexplicable bad luck) very rapidly gone through septicaemia to sepsis and then septic shock. I spent two weeks in intensive care, most of it sedated, and for the first few days of that it was touch and go whether I’d actually live through it. Once you get to septic shock there’s a mortality rate of 25-50% with treatment, and the two steps after that are multiple organ failure and death.

Thankfully I lived, spent two weeks in a respiratory ward, and have now spent another two in a rehab ward back in London as I lost a stone of muscle in ICU and as a result couldn’t stand, let alone walk, when the sedation wore off. I’m slowly building my muscles back up and gaining the ability to do things like pick stuff up off the floor, but it’s going to take months before I’m back to normal, and even longer until I’m fit to go back to work.

I’m currently on weekend leave from the hospital, which means I have access to my computer which the parents have been looking after for me, hence this post. Next weekend I’m hoping to stay over at home rather than the parents’ place, and then I hopefully get discharged the weekend after that. So yeah – not dead, not on fire. Literally.

[EDIT]: Turns out I did, in fact, have multiple organ failure. While I was in hospital I was told I had septic shock, which I assumed was the worst my body had gone through, which is what sent me to ICU. It was only when I read through my copy of my discharge notes that I realised I’d gone to the ‘more than one of your internal organs will decide to pack up’ stage.