Change of name

Not of the blog itself, but the author. Since I started Church and Circle back in late 2014 I’ve used ‘Vixxia’ as a first name pseudonym, but despite it being the internet handle I’ve used on nearly every online church/metaphysical/Pagan/tarot forum I’ve been part of, I was never really happy with it as my nom de plume on WordPress.


However, I now have a Craft name – Holly – which I will be using on here from now on. I’ve been thinking on what I could use as a Craft name for maybe a year or more now, and I settled on Holly around six months ago. I’ve been using it in my personal practice since then, and would have posted about it a lot sooner but I fell out of the habit of writing posts around then (not that I’ve ever been good at timely blogging when things happen), which is why I’ve only just got round to changing it on here.

Holly is a name that’s laced with meaning for me, and one I picked with a lot of care. After all, a Craft name isn’t like a nickname or internet username, as while those often have meaning to their users a Craft name is something with altogether more depth and resonance. It’s no secret I hugely admire Melissa Zupan of Three Hundred and Sixty-Six, so I’ll let her explain the importance of selecting a Craft name much better than I could:

In many religions, it is customary to adopt a spiritual name somewhere along the line. When I was being confirmed into the Catholic faith, for example, I chose the name “Lucy” to honor the patron saint of writers. Wicca is no different. We do select our magical names with some level of practical purpose: by doing our magical work under these names, we can protect our mundane identities from negative repercussions. However, I think that these days their more important purpose is to help our brains switch over from mundane to magical life more easily. With this in mind, it becomes pretty clear that we have an obligation to ourselves to select a name with a deep meaning to our magical practice. In fact, you could look upon the adoption of a magical name as selecting a power word that will set the tone for your magical path. It is a heavy thing, this magical naming.

The reasons why I chose Holly will be the subject of a later post, but I’m happy I’ve found a name that reflects myself, my path, and where I want it to lead.


Holly name

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