Reblog: So, Neech died. – Strip Me Back to the Bone

Reblogging because Jo and Beth are lovely people, and because personalised story from a wonderful writer, and because I had to have my cat put down when he suffered a stroke so know what they’re going through.

Strip Me Back to the Bone

Neech died. This isn’t Ode to Neech — that’s coming, really, but I want to get pictures to go along with it, and looking at the pictures right now is that sort of painful that I just can’t bare to share yet. I’m here asking for help in offsetting the cost of the emergency vet visit ($349) and the end of life emergency vet visit ($350) (priority #1, because I want those remains back stat.) Am I nervous about having just relocated across the country, become unemployed, and then have unexpected vet bills crop up? I mean, what’s scary about $700 in vet bills when you’re out of work? Hooray adventure!


(This was not the adventure I was hoping for.)

So I’m here asking for help, and offering my favorite thing of value, something I love, and something I’m fairly good at: stories. Want a story? Cuz I’ll write…

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