So, I have cancer.

I found a lump in my right breast on the 28th of February, saw my GP on the 3rd of March, was referred to the breast clinic at the hospital where had a biopsy on the 11th, and got the biopsy results back yesterday afternoon. I have breast cancer, and cancer in one of the lymph nodes in my armpit. My body hates me.

Being booked in for a CT, MRI, and bone scan to find out exactly how much cancer there is, as mammograms aren’t as clear on younger people, and to see if it’s spread anywhere else. No history in the family, so also having a genetic test to see if I’ve got the mutation that makes it likely to keep coming back, or whether this is just a ‘you rolled a natural 1’ thing. That’s the next few weeks. 

Surgery will be happening, highly likely to have chemo. Mammogram shows there’s cancer where the lump isn’t, so fuck knows how much of my breast they’ll have to remove.

Off work today and tomorrow on compassionate leave. Temporarily not allowed to spar at my HEMA club so I don’t fuck up the scans with bruises. Don’t want to lose my hair, which is full, hip-length, reddish-brown, and wavy. I am, unsurprisingly, Not Okay.

9 thoughts on “So, I have cancer.

  1. This is terrible news and I just want to say I see you. Of course you’re not okay. I’m so mad for you and I don’t even know you. Much love and light to you.


  2. *offers hugs*

    I’m so sorry.

    (I’m still around, btw. Just haven’t been on WordPress in ages, and made the decision to pull my pagan writings from public as my horror author career grows.)


  3. I’ve only just seen this post! I am so sorry to hear your ill. I don’t know you but I feel from your words you’re a fighter so I wish you lots of strength & hope on your journey 💜


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