Look what came in the post!

I got my shinies from Beth today! They actually arrived on Wednesday, but as there was a Customs charge that needed paying the earliest I could get to the sorting office was this morning. I would have posted this earlier, but I had to paint the spare room while there was daylight. I had a … Continue reading Look what came in the post!

Lookit the shiny fluffy pretties!

Ever since I discovered Beth Wodandis' blog in August 2015 I've also been following her Etsy shop (back when it was called Fyberwytch), which is full of beautiful beadwork, jewellery, fibrecraft, and scented things. Although I'd been browsing for months, and seen many beautiful things that I'd love to have owned, I never bought anything … Continue reading Lookit the shiny fluffy pretties!

‘I may have just bought a pentacle’ and other updates

I may have just bought a pentacle with the birthday money my godparents gave me. Somewhat of an ironic statement I know, but still true. The pentacle is often viewed as one of the quintissential tools used by witches and Pagans, especially Wiccans. It's used to symbolise the element Earth, is one of the names … Continue reading ‘I may have just bought a pentacle’ and other updates